Discuss an “I Message” you might use in each of the followingscenarios: 1. While riding in a car, a person lights a cigar, pipe,or cigarette. As you believe that being exposed to second-handcigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke is detrimental to your health, whatmight you say, using an I Message, to the other person? 2. Whileyou are riding with someone in a vehicle, they start drivingrecklessly and going faster than the posted speed limit. Becauseyou are very concerned that you might get into an accident, what IMessage might you use with the driver? 3. While trying to sleep inyour condominium, you are awakened at four a.m. by loud music froma neighboring condo. You have exams during the day. What I Messagemight you use with the neighbor playing the loud music?