*Minimum 300 words.

*The task needs to be completed on July 11.

Read the Scenario below and answer the questions (minimum 300 words)


You have recently been hired to work as the International Export Manager for a company that manufactures women’s shampoo and hair products (3 types and in 2 different package sizes – i.e. 6 SKUs total) in the US.  After completing your initial research you have identified 2 potential markets for export – Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Using what you learned in our Week 2 and information that you find about the each country online or any other reputable and reliable source, answer the following questions:



1. Describe your target customer. Who will buy this product? Why would they buy your product? (Note: the product category: “Women’s Hair Products” is very broad. I have done this on purpose, so that you can be creative and set your own assumptions about what the product could be. So that you can answer the next two questions.)

2. Based on your research and your analysis in Question 2, identify the most important cultural traits for each country that will directly affect your sales and marketing in the each target country.

3. Based on what you found in Question 2, and your research, what changes will you need to make to the product in order to sell it in each of the countries? (List the specific changes for each country – 2 for each.



Make sure to clearly mark and number your answers.