Business Law class: 

The art of lawyering involves the act of being a zealous advocate for your legal client. This means being able to think about the strongest arguments for your side and how to counter the likely positions of opposing counsel. In the world of Corporations or “business law,” the act of lawyering happens both in the court house as well as much earlier on. This goes from the corporation’s inception through all of its various actions and dealings with other parties. Your text mentions that some of those actions and dealings are sometimes viewed as acts of corporate social responsibility (CSR), which some view as extraneous or even illegal.

1.  Why is this? Why do some view acts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as extraneous or even illegal?

2. Provide a counterargument.

3. What is your personal opinion? 

To receive credit, you must post a thoughtful, well-worded response of at least 5 sentences in answering these three questions.