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Read these instructions and select one (1) A question and one (1) B question to answer in the discussion thread in a single main post.

You are to write a minimum of 300-400 words for your main post and a minimum of 100-150 words for each response to a classmate. Always support your ideas, arguments, and comments with appropriately referenced (APA) literature, theory, and research. Respond with sufficient detail to support your position while citing specific examples and applying concepts from the course materials. Please ensure that you include in-text citations and a proper bibliographic reference for all of your sources, to include the course materials. Writing mechanics count in every post you make.

A. QUESTIONS (select one for discussion):

1. Seizing and searching a motor vehicle is required in almost every major crimes case, ranging from a vehicle burglary to sexual assault and homicide, in other words, any crime in which a vehicle was used to go to or leave the crime scene, or the vehicle is the crime scene.

It is always important to determine who is the registered owner of the vehicle to determine if a search warrant is required, the owner gave consent or if the vehicle belongs to the victim.

Place the following investigative steps in the correct order and explain why.

  1. Swab the steering wheel for DNA
  2. Overall photos of the vehicle
  3. Take notes of the license plate, Vehicle identification number, exterior and interior damage of vehicle, mileage.
  4. Fingerprint the shifter, turn signal and interior door.
  5. Search and inventory the items in the vehicle
  6. Determine which search pattern to use for the search of the vehicle
  7. Read the search warrant
  8. Package and preserve the evidence
  9. Write a property receipt for the seized evidence.

2. Discuss the proper procedure for the investigation of an abandoned vehicle that has not been reported stolen and a serious crime has occurred in the area.

3. As a crime scene investigator you may be assigned to process the scene of a hit and run collision involving a pedestrian. Identify and discuss the type of evidence a crime scene investigator should attempt to locate on the suspect vehicle.

4. You have a case in which the alleged perpetrator committed the crime inside of a car.  The car has been recovered and now you need to collect evidence.  You have been advised of the need to collect fingerprint evidence from inside the car. How would you do that?  Is it possible to superglue fume the inside of a vehicle? If so, describe. If not, why not?

B. QUESTIONS (select one for discussion):

1. Officer Jack Smart responded to a crime scene and collected a computer. The computer was on and he searched the e-mail account and took photos of the screen. Then, he shut down the window program and unplugged the computer. He packaged it in a plastic bag and also collected an external hard drive that was connected to the CPU unit.

  1. Discuss if Officer Smart correctly collected and preserved the electronic evidence?
  2. What would you do different and why?

Collection of digital evidence

  1. You are at a crime scene of a suspected child molester and pornographer.  There are three computers on the premises your boss tells you to “check each computer to see if there is child porn on there” what should be your next steps?
  2. Name 5 types of evidence that can be found in a cell phone?
  3. Thinking about our readings on vehicles, now think about vehicles as traveling personal computers… What type of evidence can be recovered from a vehicle that is electronic in nature?

Digital forensics

2. Criminalist Tom Parauda is investigating the scene of a crime involving a computer. After he arrives, he photographs the overall scene and takes close-up shots of all the connections to the single computer involved, as well as photos of the serial numbers of the computer and all peripheral devices. Tom then labels the cord to each peripheral device, then disconnects them from the computer. After making sure that all the data in RAM has been saved to the hard drive, he unplugs the computer from the wall. Identify and discuss any mistakes, if any, that Tom made. Support your rationale with your research.

3. Name 3 pieces of evidence considered “digital” evidence and describe how and why these items have evidentiary value.  What kind of evidence is on them? What value could the evidence have to solving a case?

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