Dissecting a quantitative research report

 5-7 page paper. 

6-7 reference between 2015-2020, include reference page APA 7 style.

From a recent (past 5 years) peer-reviewed journal, find an article that utilized the quantitative method.   Read the article and be able to provide a short summary of the study. Use the following guidelines:

Introduction – Briefly discuss the purpose of the Introduction section of a manuscript.

  • Problem Statement – Identify the background/rationale and      research problem for the study. 
  • Theory – Identify the theory the researcher(s) grounded the      study in and describe the major research findings that support the theory.      Next, list out the research questions or hypotheses.

Methods – Briefly discuss the purpose of the Methods section of a manuscript.

  • Population and Sample – Who or what was the population of interest and what sample      participated in the study.
  • Tools for Measurement – Present the assessment or survey tools      that were used to collect the data.
  • Design – Briefly describe the research design that was      utilized. Provide a definition of the design and a rationale as to why the      design was the most appropriate (i.e., connect the design back to the      research problem to be addressed). 
  • Procedures – Briefly describe the data collection procedures.

Results – Briefly discuss the purpose of the Results section of a manuscript.

  • Identify the primary type      of statistical analysis that was used to analyze the data.

Discussion – Briefly discuss the purpose of the Discussion section of a manuscript.

  • Describe the findings of      the study and discuss how it supports or refutes the theory presented in      the literature review.

Limitations and Suggestions – Identify the potential reasons why one should “suspend trust” in the research. Offer potential suggestions for improvement. 

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