Topic: The Sorry Side of Sears (Links to an external site.)

This paper on Ethics must have a table of content, appropriately sub-headed, paragraphed, and page-numbered double-spaced. It must be no more five (5) pages long, including charts, tables and appendix (where applicable); and other appropriate citations (bibliography). Students are required to do some research on this topic and be very persuasive in their submission. They also should be able to comment on ethical issues they are able to identify. They should also be able to discuss specific legal issues related to this article.  The paper must be less than 25% plagiarized to be acceptable and must follow the APA format. Should you have problems accessing this link, please Google the article.

The paper must include:

  1. An introduction: Must give a synopsis of the case. Describe/explain why this is an ethical issue—–50 Points.
  2. Main body: Discuss some of the legal and ethical issues involved. For example, the implications for Consequentialist and Non-consequentialist Theories of Ethics. Do they apply here? Explain why the conduct in the case could be right or wrong—–150 Points ; and
  3. Conclusion:  This section should include your personal evaluation and assessment and should also include implications for Managers and the Businesses—–100 Points.