The first document is the questions. The second is an example.

Executive Summaries

An exec summary is a visual document meant to be handed or emailed to someone.) It needs to be visually attractive as well as informative. Think of it as an advertisement. 

 (But not for your product!   For your business.   Target: an investor.   Not a customer.)

(Well in years past, most startups wrote a detailed business plan. Back in the late 1900s they often went 50 -60 pages plus. No one read them. Then in early 2000s they dropped in size to maybe 20-30 pages and still no one read them. Finally in the 2010s they further dropped to 10-20 pages, and still no one read them.

Today most investors don’t want to see a business plan. They instead will either ask for your pitch deck (PPT) or an executive summary or both.

Let’s focus on the exec summary. First it must be short. One to two pages max. Sounds easy right? It’s not! Try telling your life story in one to two pages. Second it must contain enough information to attract an investors attention and convince them this is an idea worth looking into. So it must be concise. Dense in detail. No room for fluff words. It isn’t literature. Just get your point across.)

Assume you will set up a new company(start-up) like “Amazon Hub Locker” company, how you attract investors? You need to search some information. By answering the following topics. Each topic just needs to answer in one short paragraph (you can see the example to know what is the short paragraph). Please look the attached files to see the example and you can know how to write this.

Hub Locker is this:

There are 11 questions included in executive summaries (so you will see a long article in the example), but I just need to answer the following 3.

My business is a new Hub Locker company (so Amazon Hub Locker maybe one of the competitors in the USA.)


5) What’s your competitive advantage. What secret sauce do you have? Is it your management team, your patents, your customer list, your technology? Your charming good looks?

6) What is your business model? How do you make money? What are your revenue sources? What is your breakeven? What is your gross margin? Okay to estimate these numbers throughout the exec summary. Best guesses are better than saying nothing about them. Just make sure that anything you say is plausible. Don’t make up stuff! Think about it before you write it down.

8) What is your marketing strategy? How are you going to get your customers? What ways will you reach them? How will you advertise? What is the cost of acquiring a customer? What do you think will be the lifetime revenue you will get from each customer?