Final project marketing research! | Marketing homework help

Hello, I’m looking for someone who’s really good at Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word for Final Project of Marketing Research. 

Avery Fitness has commissioned a survey of existing customers to learn more about each customer’s habits and profitability.  Avery wants to grow sales and is considering options for the following:

Acquiring new customers.

Adding additional equipment.

Increasing per customer spend.

Use the attached files to analyze the results of the Avery Fitness Survey and make recommendations.  Be sure to cite data and your reasoning for making each recommendation.

Avery is also considering expanding to open a new fitness center in a nearby area.  They are currently considering zip codes 71901 and 72032.  Which location would you recommend and why?  Make recommendations to Avery as how to best design and market the new facility in essay 2 pages. 

Due 11:59pm on Dec 10

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