For this task, reflect on the highlights of your learning achievements in Business English this semester. Address questions below but not necessarily in the given order or as question and answer: what did you learn in this class that you did not before? What did you like the most? What was the most challenging part of the class? What was the easiest part of the class? As you reflect on your learning, also highlight your engagement in various class assignments and activities, such as news-of-the-week posts (and comments), team project, peer review workshops, proposal and presentation assignments, etc. What was your impression of your peers’ work and their feedback (or comments) on your work? What did you learn from these exercises to improve your own work (drafts)? Anything else?

Take 24 hrs to review your work overall to draft this reflection.


– Requirements: Length: 500-750 words/Format: Memo or Letter (to the Reader/Professor)