Final simulation report | Financial markets homework help


Final Simulation Report

A report will be due on Friday April 22 uploaded by 11:59 pm. Your report must include ALL of the following:

Cover Page

Executive Summary that describes the objectives and provides an overview of all key and relevant analyses, including a summary of the report’s conclusion.

Introduction that describes your goals, objectives and investment strategy.

Main Body that includes an analysis of your investment strategy:

  1. External      Analysis (Economic, legal, political etc.)
  2. Explanation of      your strategy (Your investment strategy must be backed up by references      submitted weekly)
  3. Reasons for      buying and selling
  4. Best      performers and worst performers. 
  5. Did your      strategy work? Why or why not?
  6. Main body must      include at least 2 graphs to show progression of trades

Conclusion : 

Summary report of how you did with you investements. Overall gains / losses. 

Justification to client on whether you performed effectively for them. If yes – why? If no – what market conditions hindered your returns?


Final Word page that shows your trading references and the weeks trades were made. These trades and references must correspond with your trades. 


1. Downloaded transactions from Market Watch as of January 17th 

2. Reasons for trading table


Spacing 1.5 calibri 11 pt size 

Note: You are trading on the US stock exchanges. These exchanges operate in the Eastern US so Eastern time applies. Trading times for NASDAQ for example are 9:30AM to 4 PM ET (so 6:30AM to 1PM PT). For example, if you trade a NASDAQ stock after 1PM, the trade will only show in your portfolio, the next morning. DO NOT repeat the trade you wish to do as you may end up with multiple transactions.

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