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1. Analyse the role of Building Information Modelling (BIM)in the construction planning and management processes.

2. Formulate BIM solutions to the design challenges and the BIM’s responses to the needs of emerging offsite construction (modern methods of construction).

3. Justify and defendthe design or managerial choices made within the production process of construction project.

4. Apply disciplinary knowledge and multi-disciplinary skills to overcome complex problems of practice and identify appropriate solutions.

1.1 Coursework Overview

The assessment requiresyou to develop BIM-based solution for a given project, which will be presented and illustrated to you in the early sessions of the module. You need to critically analyse the project and evaluate potential digital solutions for the challenges encountered with the planning and management of the project. To this end, the planning and management requirements need to be clearly identified for the given project; and the relevant BIM-based solutions need to be proposed with sufficient details for implementation to address such requirements. 

1.2 Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students

Each student will individually produce areport to include all of the followings:

1. For the given project, analyse the project and identify the project planning and management requirements throughout the project life cycle.

2. Propose possible BIM-based solutions for at least five major challenges for the identified project planning and management requirements based on the industry best practices and academic literature. The solutions need to be tailored to the given project. The used industry practices and academic literature need to be cited in the report (see section 3.5)

3. Justify why your solutions will address the project planning and management requirements of the given project. 

4. Demonstrate practicality of the solutions by explaining how your solutions are implemented to the given project using one of the available BIM software packages.

1.3 Expected Size of Submission

§ Your submission is expected to be 4,000 equivalent words (excluding the cover page and references section). 

§ Figures (diagrams, illustrations, photographs etc.) and tables are welcome but must be fully incorporated into the submission, integrated with the text and fully explained as to why they are exhibited. (250 words are counted for each figure/table used). 

§ The work must form a structured and coherent whole. On the cover page, identify the total number of words used (excluding the cover page and references section) and the number of figures/tables used.

§ The markers will stop reading at the point when they judge that the word limit exceeds the recommended word count by more than 10%. The Northumbria University policy on word limitsis available here.

A single digital file must be submitted. The University has published guides to help you submit your work using Turnitin or Blackboard Assignment submission portals. You can find these guides under Assessment Submission, Grades & Feedback from here 

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