Impact of natural disasters to the tourism industry?

Impact of natural disasters to the tourism industry?

Question 1 – Describe two contemporary issues relating to tourism development experienced in three of locations specified below:

 Yala National Park

 Hikkaduwa Beach Area

 Ella Area

 Colombo City Limits

 Pasikudah Beach Area

 Sigiriya Area

Question 2 – ‘Eco tourism is a growing demand/trend in tourism’ Please elaborate this statement by providing examples from Sri Lanka and from other countries.

Question 3 –

i) Explain why “Globalization” is helping industries like tourism. Please provide examples to support your answer.

ii) Why is it important to understand the concept of “Globalization” and discuss any negative impacts that it has on the tourism industry?

Question 4 – ‘Rural communities can be involved and benefited through tourism development in a country’ explain this statement from sustainability concept. Give examples to enhance your answer.

Question 5 – ‘Child Sex Tourism’ is an increasingly worrying issue in today’s society and has significant consequences for the tourism industry. Explain how the tourism industry should be combatting this problem with appropriate examples from a Sri Lankan context and the rest of the world.

Question 6 – “Business and management ethics are essential criteria for sustainable tourism development.” Discuss this statement explaining the importance of

i) the ethical practices of tourism organizations and

ii) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Question 7 – What are emerging tourism trends that have the greatest implications for society and culture in Sri Lanka? Discuss both the positive and negative factors providing examples where possible.