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I attended a communication leadership seminar yesterday and helped me better understand my communication leadership tendencies. This memo articulates two of my communication leadership strengths and weaknesses to better and understand how to leverage my strengths within the organization


One of my strengths is technical skills, I scored a 27 out of 30 in the Skills Inventory assessment. Technical skills refer to knowledge and proficiency with a specific type of work or activity. I enjoy following accounting procedures and filling out financial statement forms. During my accounting internship, I studied particular accounting software to provide documentation for work papers. It is difficult and complex. I also passed two CPA exams last year. Strong accounting technical skills can help me to hands-on proficiency complete the assigned work. For human skills, I also scored 28 out of 30, meaning I have the ability to work with people. I am good at discovering other‘s strengths and help my team member find the most suitable position.


One weakness is conceptual skills, I only scored 18 out of 30. Conceptual skills are most important at top levels of leadership within an organization. Because most of my work experience is an intern, I cannot work easily with abstraction and hypothetical notions to create a vision and strategic plan for the team. Additionally, on the Least Preferred Coworker Measure, I scored 49 out of 144, which suggests that I am tasked motivated. If my work part does not need co-work, I will accomplish tasks alone and ignore work with my co-worker sometimes.

Recommended Situation

To best leverage my strengths and mitigates weaknesses. Accounting is special work and totally different from other jobs. The auditor shall have professional knowledge. I would like to help the intern developed new technical skills, such as Microsoft Excel and Tableau. They can get into the details of how audit work. Besides training, I also can find their advantage and tell them which accounting work part is best suitable for them. This job can eliminate my conceptual skills. The intern does not need to know the vision and strategic plan for the company like employees.