1)Read the articles on journaling, review the template in the resources online and identify what approach in the articles you found useful and why?

Post to the discussion board that you have reviewed the journaling materials and what you learned, let us know if you have experience journaling, share your thoughts. If you have questions, please post. Be sure to respond to a peer.

2) Outline and describe in the discussion those components that you will be working on in this session to build or improve your professional portfolio and post to the discussion board.

3)    From the DBA program learning objectives provided in the University Policies of the business course you are enrolled in this session, select an objective that relates to your professional future. LO(Oral Communication: Communicate In a clear and direct style which is assertive and supported by

tone of voice, appropriate body language, and current technological aids to effectively articulate

viewpoints, beliefs, and feelings)

How does this CLO apply to your current internship job? Give examples. 

Are there areas in your internship job where there could be improvement concerning this CLO topic or is it being handled well; what are your recommendations?

In your response, provide at least one (1) peer reviewed source to support your ideas on this subject. 

MYJOB: Business analyst