Introduction to machine language and digital logic


Task 4: Download the file (see below). Create a folder called masm, as described in the Lecture Notes “Writing the First Program”. The software you need to assemble and link your assembly language programs are in the file

Copy and paste it into your folder “masm”, that you just created on your computer and then unzip into the “masm” folder,  or a folder of your choosing. These files are necessary for assembling and linking your first programs. Everything is explained in HANDOUT 4 WEEK 4 First Programs.
Programming Assignments
Assignment #1 – Write an assembly language program that will accept a single character from the keyboard, and then output the next character in the ASCII sequence. For example, if the character ‘A’ is entered, the character ‘B’ will be typed out.
Assignment #2 – Write an assembly language program that will print out the message of your choosing!
Assignment #3 – Examine Assignment #1 above using DumpRegs; Find registers AX, BX, CX, DX. Find the hex value in AL after returning from the ReadChar input routine?
Videos: If you need help with Assignments 1,2,3 then watch this video:  Getting Started Assignments 1,2,3

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