Issues and problem in translate

Group Presentation guidelines:

1- Students should be divided into groups of 4-6. Each group is required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation on Mona Bakers’ In Other Words: Chapter 2, Equivalence at Word Level and present it to the class. The presentation should follow this outline:

Slide 1: Your names, student numbers, course name, and term year 

Slide 2: Compare propositional meaning with expressive meaning/presupposed meaning with evoked meaning using one example for each. (3 points) 

Slide 3: Describe at least one problem of non-equivalence (culture-specific concepts, differences in form, etc.) with one example for each problem. (1 points)

Slide 4: Suggest a strategy to solve the problem of non-equivalence in the previous slide. (1 points)

with in 4 days 

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