Part A

Describe charismatic leadership in your own words.

Part B

Explain what is meant by the statement that charismatic leaders use active impression management with their followers to support their image. Provide and elaborate on one (1) original example. 

Part C

Access the following article attached

Elrod, D.J. (Aug 2012). The Importance of Being Authentic. Strategic Finance,http://search.proquest.com/assets/r10.0.2-1/core/spacer.gif(94. 2), pp. 14-16.

Respond to the following: 

1. In your own words, describe what it means to be an authentic leader. 

2. Why is authenticity important for leaders? Provide two (2) reasons.

Part D

Why is charismatic leadership considered a double-edged sword that requires careful monitoring to avert abuse? Provide two (2) reasons and one (1) original example illustrating this phenomenon.