It’s a concept in this week’s lesson, and a big deal for today’s organizations.  Employees who are engaged perform better, customers are more satisfied, and companies are more profitable.  In this assignment we’ll take a closer look at organizations that either get it – or don’t.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the concept of employee engagement.
  2. Conduct research to locate an article on employee engagement.  The article needs to be from a business publication.
  3. In at least 500 words, summarize the article.  Tell us about the key details in your own words.
  4. State your opinion about it.  For example, if you found an article on an organization that does a good job engaging employees, explain why you think so.  If you chose an article about a situation where employees are not engaged, provide details about what could be done to correct it.  
  5. Be sure to include a link to your article.