Meet with your team (and other teams if you have formed a


At the start of this course, you were divided into teams, and each team was assigned to a nation in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance. As a nation team, you collaborated to represent and defend the cybersecurity policy and posture of the nation assigned to you.

Your team was also assigned to a critical infrastructure sector, which you will also represent in Project 4. Research for Project 4 is designed to span the entire term, and your team is expected to complete it in parallel with Projects 1 through 3.

You will work with your team to prepare for and then complete the Executive Leadership In Tabletop Exercises (ELITE) activity, and then write a report that identifies risks to cyber networks within the critical infrastructure industry segment assigned to your team and proposes recommendations to mitigate risks and make the networks more secure. This project will span across the entire course, but should take about 24 days to complete. After reading the scenario below, proceed to Step 1 where you will establish your team agreement plan.

This is the part of the project I will be writing!!!!!!!!!!

Upon the conclusion of the second round of events, you have reviewed the results as a team. Now you will collaborate to create the second After Action Report (AAR) and make new decisions based on the new set of events for Round 3. Select decisions in response to the final events in ELITE by following these steps:

  1. Begin writing the Round 2 After Action Report in accordance to your team agreement and schedule.
  2. When you have completed AAR #2, a designated team member should submit it for feedback. This team member should also post the AAR in the ELITE Industries Sharing Discussion to share with the other sectors.
  3. Log in to ELITE to begin round 3.
  4. Review the newscasts and advisories for any new events.
  5. Meet with your team (and other teams if you have formed a multi-industry council) to review the Round 2 outcomes, reports, and debrief from the CISO. Collaborate on what new decisions need to be made.
  6. Make the new decisions in ELITE according to the responsibilities assigned to you in your team’s ELITE agreement from a previous step. Because these decisions are tied to your login information, your team members will not be able to change or update these values. Final Round 3 values must be selected by 11:59 p.m. eastern time the day after the ELITE round begins. See your team schedule for details.

Let me send you AAR1 report and so you can have an ideas what this report should look like. Attached is AAR1 Report 

The Report you will be writing is AAR2

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