Part 1

Financial Statement Analysis, specifically Ratio Analysis is often performed by managers, investors, and creditors. What is the primary goal of each of these groups when evaluating ratios?

Let’s start out this week with a ratio calculation.

Ok all, let’s calculate the DuPont Analysis Ratio for Apple and Microsoft. Here is some data:

For Apple (in millions),

Net Profit Margin: 48.35/229.23= 21.09%

Asset Turnover: 229.23/375.32=61.08%

Equity Multiplier: 375.32/134.05= 2.8

For Microsoft (in millions),

Net Profit Margin: 21.2/89.95= 23.57%

Asset Turnover: 89.95/241.09= 37.31%

Equity Multiplier: 241.09/72.39=3.33

Part 2

Search in YouTube video clips that addresses this topic:

1. Textile Industry in Bangladesh

In your response, address the following:

Discuss how this topic relates to at least two social responsibility issues discussed in the textbook.

Include a link to the YouTube video of your selection.