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Purpose: To create an argumentative essay that fulfills the following: 

  • Addresses a debatable ethical issue that has at least two sides
  • Demonstrates an awareness of the rhetorical situation (audience, purpose, context)
  • Takes a position regarding the issue and argues that position with reasons
  • Argues that position with development and support
  • Acknowledges opposing viewpoints
  • Identifies assumptions and consequences of the various positions
  • Utilizes at least 6 credible sources
  • Applies MLA guidelines for formatting and documentation 
  • At least 6 – 7 pages in length

Length: six to seven pages double-spaced with MLA formattingOutside Sources: In this essay you need to do your research and must have at least 6 outside sources.
Please remember that a variety of resources MUST be used.  Limit use of Internet resources to two (.edu, .gov, and some .org only).  Use journal articles, books, and references (these may be found on the Eastfield College library database).Counterargument: In this essay, we will practice incorporating counter argument into the assertions.  Add one counterargument in the essay.Style: Use MLA formatting and documentation styleOther Guidelines: This is an academic argument so the following guidelines MUST be followed.

  • Include a clear, qualified claim as the last sentence in the introductory paragraph. 
  • Write in third person only (NO first or second person pronouns)
  • Do not use contractions
  • Spell out all numbers under 100
  • Use appropriate academic language

Topics: Pick a topic that has two arguable sides to an ethical issue. There are some examples listed below. You may use any of these or you may email me at [email protected] for a topic of your choice. These examples are just to give you an idea of what kind of topics you need to be thinking about.You may choose a topic from outside this list as well. The list is just to help you understand what kind of questions you should be asking.

  1. A local situation has evolved and understanding the cause of this situation may help change the community’s outlook.  Write an essay in which you argue about the situation and what might need to occur to reverse the outcome.  (Example: Several years ago, the voters of Mesquite rejected membership in DART.  Today, however, some citizens wish that this had not occurred, especially with the high gas prices.  The argument would provide insight into the cause(s) of Mesquite residents’ initial rejection of DART and how the community might now join DART.)
  2. Sometimes a phenomenon occurs on a college or university campus that is hard to explain.  Select a trend taking place on this or many college campuses and argue the rationale behind this trend.  (Example: A few semesters ago Dallas Community College District along with other community college systems experienced many students dropping their courses for no apparent reason.  The cause apparently stemmed from the ease with which students could drop a course without any consequences.  To remedy this situation, the state has enacted the Six-Course Drop Rule.)
  3. Write an argument that explores the causes of some social phenomenon such as a school or mall shooting or the continued stereotyping of a specific gender to perform traditional social roles.
  4. Write an argument that addresses a phenomenon in pop culture.  (Example: The women’s movement has struggled to help women of all ages avoid being objectified.  However, restaurants like Hooters and Twin Peaks base their popularity on the use of young, scantily clad women as their wait staff.  Why does society accept this behavior?)

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