Network management | Computer Science homework help


Part one:
–Create a network drawing for a mock company that has two sites in different geographic locations (at least 40 miles apart).

–The drawing would be drawn similar to the topology you see each time you open a Packet Tracer lab except that you will be drawing how the components connect together.

–The minimum requirements are as follows:

—Each site must have a router that connects to the other site, to the Internet, or to a shared cloud between the two sites.

—At least one site must have a connection to the Internet.

—At least one site must have a firewall that could possibly be part of the router that connects the company site to an external network or to the Internet.

—At least one switch at each site that creates a LAN of at least two PCs.

—The switch should connect to a router or be a Layer 3 switch for those of you that really get into networking.

—One site must have at least one server.

—Appropriate cabling and connectivity between the two sites.

—Labeling to make the drawing professional.

–In a minimum of two paragraphs, describe the mock company, the networks, and type of connectivity to the other site, as well as the Internet that is in your drawing. Describe the network components that will be monitored and/or managed using an NMS(Network Management System).

Part Two:

-The minimum requirements are as follows:

—An executive summary of the implementation plan

—Professionally formatted comparison table of NMS products you considered including costs and features (you may have a bit of a time getting cost, but try or estimate and ensure you note if it is an estimation)

—Other recommended network management or monitoring applications/techniques recommended

—At least 10 recommended scorecards and/or metrics for monitored circuits and devices

—A list of which network devices will be monitored

—Security recommendations

—IT personnel structure diagram and responsibilities within that structure for the NMS implementation and monitoring

—Labeling to make the drawing professional

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