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Question Number Maximum Marks Student Marks

1 13

2 7

Total Mark 20

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Assessor Name: Eng. Eman Moneer Date:

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School/ Department Name School of Engineering/ Electrical Engineering

Program Code and Title: EDEF15 – Diploma of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Course Code and Title: 15FELE110 – Electrical Engineering Technology: Ethics and Practices

Assessment Number and Title: Assessment (2): Assignment (1)

Assessment Type: Written Assessment

Assessment Location: MyLMS- Online

Assessment Date: Thursday 16th of July (12 PM) – Saturday 18th of July 2020 (10 PM)

Assessment Time/Duration: 58 Hours

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Section (s): P1E1

Assessment General Instructions:

• All questions must be answered correctly in order to meet assessment requirements.

• Submit your assignment as one word document via the proper link on MyLMS.

• All submissions will be automatically checked against plagiarism via Turnitin.

• You will be allowed to submit your assignment only once, so make sure you attach the correct and complete file before pressing on the “submit” button.

• Please refer to Code of Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure (ACK.PLR.VPAC.09) on the ACK Portal (particularly clause 3.2.4) and the

consequences of academic dishonesty stated in this policy.

• Cheating and plagiarism are absolutely prohibited.http://itdpspsvr02/supportdivision/qm/Lists/Policies%20Procedures%20and%20Forms%20Students/DispForm.aspx?ID=20&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fitdpspsvr02%2Fsupportdivision%2Fqm%2FLists%2FPolicies%2520Procedures%2520and%2520Forms%2520Students%2FAllItems%2Easpx&ContentTypeId=0x0100ABBEDCC5E90E2B4588A8405BD1D16018

Assessment Tool

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Question (1): Case Study (13 Marks total)

“Emi is a bank officer. One day a thief came to the bank with a weapon and asked Emi about the

money place. Emi said that she doesn’t know the money location even though she knows.” Try to

analyze the situation according to Kant’s two Categorical Imperatives.

(a) Can such behavior be universalized? Why? (5 Marks)

(b) According to Kant’s theory, what should Emi do in this situation? (3 Marks)

(c) Use Act Utilitarianism theory to analyze and explain in details the decision that Emi

should take in situation above. (5 Marks)

Question (2): Case Study

A man in need of money thinks about borrowing money and realizes he will have to promise to

repay it even though he knows he cannot.

(a) Can such behavior be universalized? Why? (5 Marks)

(b) According to Kant’s theory, what should he do in this situation? (2 Marks)