Personality psyc paper for movie good will hunting

Super last minute, I am so sorry.

PLEASE ONLY do it IF you can have it back to me in 6 HOURS!!!!


All instructions are in attachments. Just apply psychoanalytic theories to Good Will Hunting characters.

I even attached power points for Freud, Erikson, Horney, Maslow, Rogers, and Alder.


Write a two page paper from the movie – Good Will Hunting

• Incorporate in your paper any theories that you think applies to any of the characters in the movie (Will, Skylar, Dr. Maguire, Professor Lambeau and Chuckie).

o Freud – Unconscious, sexual drives and ego

o Erikson – Eight stages of Psychosocial Personality Dev.

o Horney – Ten Neurotic Needs

o Rogers – Dev. of the Self in Childhood – (regards)

o Maslow – Hierarchy of Needs

o Alder – The style of life, social interest and birth order

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