Power point example 12 slides


Summary: The student will identify an organization that helps shape community health identified in Chapter 1 of your textbook. The student will research this organization and develop a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation elucidating the key elements of the organization defined below.

The student’s PowerPoint presentation should address the following:

  • Develop presentation objectives. (What is the point of the presentation? If you were to actually give this presentation, what would the audience learn?)
  • Description of the agency/organization

  • Mission statements and goals or the organization

  • Organizational structure
  • Type of organization (governmental, voluntary, etc.)
  • Programs and services offered to communities

  • Description of the health problems that the community health organization addresses (epidemiological estimates, statistics, etc.)

  • Description of the priority population that the organization serves

  • Funding sources if applicable

  • Other interesting and pertinent information relevant to the mission of the organization
  • References (cite all the sources that you utilized in APA format).

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