Project scope | Management homework help

 I have attached the project which was assigned. 

Part 1: Project Scope

Create a Project Scope for your project. .  For this project the following items are necessary in the Scope Statement:

·  Project Objective

·  Project Deliverables

·  List several milestones

·  Technical Requirements

·  Project Constraints or Limits

·  Ethical and Social Responsibility considerations

·  Customer review (The name of your Instructor)

Part 2: WBS

Next create the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your project.  You will need to have at least 20 tasks.  You should break the work down to a level 2 or 3 as needed or appropriate.  Next, you will add the durations for each of the tasks to your Wordbreak Down Structure. Then add the dependencies to the tasks as necessary. All of this should be entered into Microsoft Project using the course start date as the project beginning date.

Once you entered the information for your WBS into MS Project, create the Gantt Chart, identify the critical path(s), and identify some of the milestones for your project.

The deliverable for this part of the project will be a formal letter to your supervisor (your instructor) that explains your WBS and the relevant information derived from the WBS.  The letter should include attachments of the Gant Chart showing the Critical path. 

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