*The task needs to be completed on July 25

*Word document with at least 600 words

Promotional Strategies HW requirements:

Find a movie that you have already watched and enjoyed. Watch it again, but this time, make a list of all of the product placements in the file. Identify if each was a prominent placement, if the actor used the brand, or if it was just in the background. When you finish, identify and discuss the product placements that were the most effective and those that were the least effective. What made the placement effective? What made it ineffective?


· All papers must be typed or word processed, one-and-one-half or double spaced with one-inch margins, minimum 10-point type and 12-point type as a maximum

· Microsoft Word document with at least 600 words; documents that have 500 or fewer words will not earn a grade higher than 70%.

· Each assignment should look like the following on Blackboard (exclude your name)- (No need to replicate the problem)