I already have a proposal plan down below but the teacher want us to develop it.

For this assignment, you will write either a business proposal or a grant proposal for a needy charity of your choosing. Proposal Requirements: 4 single-spaced pages of text (about 2,000 words) excluding front matter (cover page, executive summary) and bibliography; standard font (Times New Roman, 12 point font-size); concise, edited prose; four credible sources two of which must be scholarly (properly cited and documented using APA or MLA). Use sources strategically (to highlight the gravity/scope of the problem/solution, justification of the solution proposed, analysis of the issue, current situation and/or needs, etc. as appropriate).

Proposal: Grant Proposal

Problem; creating a virtual internship program for students studying social work. Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, things have been tough for everyone. The disease has been deadly, causing the death of so many people worldwide. More so, the disease lacks any known cure and has been a mystery to everyone. However, the disease has been known to be communicable and to be spread from one person to the other through various ways such as touching contaminated surfaces and breathing contaminated air. For this reason, institutions have been shut down, and rules have been put in place to curb the spread of the disease. Some of the regulations are wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Due to these rules, a lot of things have had to be post-pond, among them internship for learners studying various courses such as business, medicine, and social work. Students studying to be social workers need to be in an environment that will help them practice the skills that they have learned in class and to help the educator know whether the learners have understood what was being taught. However, due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, this has proven to be challenging because of not only the social distancing rule but also because of fear of the learners as well as the educator being infected with the disease. In this virtual program, the learners will be exposed to people who need social workers. However, it will not be physical, it will be on an online platform such as zoom, and the call will be recorded. Therefore, the learner will have been exposed to a real social issue, and the educator will be able to assess the skills of the learner.

Target audience: The management of the university. They need this plan to help the students learn. If it is a good proposal, and it is workable, the management can implement the program.


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