Provide a brief background history of the company.

Discussion #1

Research a focal company that has adopted a restructure strategy within last year (that is, 2019). Based on your research:

Provide a brief background history of the company.

Discuss the underlying reasons why the top management adopted a restructure strategy.

What did the top management actually do in that restructure strategy?

Discuss the long-term impact on the stock market performance of that company after implementing the restructure strategy.

Why was that restructure strategy beneficial or harmful for the shareholders?

How about the internal stakeholders of that company?

These companies must not be any of the example companies from the eBook or the assigned company of the projects in this course.

Discussion #2

Discuss the various attitudes and perspectives on social responsibility:

How could a strategist’s attitude toward social responsibility affect a firm’s strategy? What is your attitude towards social responsibility? Justify your rationale.

How about benefits vs harms in complying with corporate social responsibility from the perspective of the internal stakeholders of that company?





· Global Consumerism and Sustainability

· Creating Value Through Sustainable Design

· The Climate Challenge: Achieving Zero Emissions


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