Question 245848

1.     Bacteria A and Bacteria B are considered hardy bacteria and can survive in extreme environments when grown individually. However, when they are grown together in a closed environment (on an agar plate), Bacteria A thrives, while Bacteria B eventually dies off. 

Assume the population of Bacteria B completely dies off. Bacteria A are now transferred to an open environment where they have lots of room for growth and a continual supply of food. Over the course of three days, the population of bacteria steadily increases as follows:

Day 1: 1500 bacteria

Day 2: 3000 bacteria

Day 3: 7000 bacteria

Day 4: 13,000 bacteria


Is this population of bacteria r-selected or k-selected? Explain how you arrived at your answer. Hint: Review your definitions of “r” and “k.” (2 marks)