Question 253465

A root cellar receives an input of 0.1µCi of radon-222 per hour through the dirt floor. Radon-222 has an approximate half-life of 3.8 days. a. If the volume of the room is 15 m3, what ventilation rate in ACH must be maintained to keep radon levels below the US EPA recommended limit of 4 pCi/liter? What is the primary sink for radon in the cellar?b. The ventilation rate in the cellar is decreased to 0.05 ACH in an experiment to see what concentration of ethylene will occur. Ethylene, which stimulates ripening, is being released at a rate of 7µg/hr by apples stored in the cellar. What is the steady-state ethylene concentration?c. What is the steady-state radon concentration in the closed-up cellar with 0.05 ACH?