Question 254130

Natural Product: KAVALACTONES

  • any other plant/organisms which have been found to contain this natural product(Kavalactones).
  • the names and structures of other Kavalactones isolated from Kava plant,andtheirrelationshiptotheKavalactones,ifany.
  • AnymorerecentworkontheKavalactone and/ororganism.
  • abriefreviewoftheisolationprocedure,andanysuggestionsyoumight haveforimprovingit.
  • the key features of the structural datawhichwould tell youif youwere dealing with thisorarelatedKavalactone you isolated fromanother plant/organism.
  • any structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies done on this natural product.
  • anysyntheticworkforwhichthisnaturalproduct wasthetarget.