Question 262889

The velocity of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction that follows Michaelis-Menten kinetics was

measured at several substrate concentrations (shown below).

i. Calculate ????M and V???????????? from the data given.

ii. Determine KM and Vmax

iii. The second set of velocities represent the rate of the reaction when an inhibitor is

added. Plot these on the same graph as the first and determine KM and Vmax

iv. What type of inhibitor is it?

[S](M) V0 (μM/min) V(+ inhibitor)

0.00006 6.66 4

0.0001. 9.30 3

0.002. 15 6

0.006 22.03 8

0.08 29 9

0.2. 35.6 10.6