Question 264750

Equation A: HSO4 ^1- (ac)= SO4^2- (ac) + H3O^1-ac) , Ka = 1.2 x 10^-2

a.It is reduced to three Parts/times/% of the reagent, then the dynamic equilibrium will be readjusted by means ___________To the products by_____________Part/times/%.

b.According to the value of Ka to 298k, it is observed that if you increase four times the concentration of products,then the symbol in the chemical equation that demonstrates how that effect could be counteracted would be___________.

c. When he reached dynamic equilibrium he finds that [H3O^1-] was Our reagent must be 0.4400M, therefore the molarity of___________(equal, major, minor) when compared to that product.

d.If the pH value is 0.680 therefore in that substance (s) of equilibrium an environment predominates_____________