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7/22/2020 Discussion Topic# 3 – BA-301-OL2: RSRCH & ANALYSIS BUS PROBLEMS (Summer 2020) 1/2

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Discussion Topic# 3 Dustin Lacbain posted Jul 22, 2020 12:05 AM


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Hello All,

Question 1

The two underlying problems mentioned from my company from last week’s discussion are:

Between FY18 and FY19, total revenue has fallen -15.6%

Profits fell 12.5% to $378M

The two solutions I can think of that can remedy these issues would be:

1. Between FY18 and FY19, total revenue has fallen -15.6%

Since revenue has fallen -15.6% between FY18 and FY19, the best possible solution I can

think of is, the organization should improve marketing strategies. When a company

improves marketing, this will draw more investors, and/or potential customers to look into

what innovative products the company has to offer. Better advertising, such as an upscale

introduction to the product can lure potential customers.

2. Profits fell 12.5% to $378M

When profits decline in a company, this can be extremely bad news… Layoffs can occur,

facilities can shutdown, or bankruptcy must be filed. A solution that can prevent profits

from falling is to change the business strategies. A perfect example would be something

like, moving into a niche market. When moving into a niche market, the company can focus

on how their product(s) is different from their competitors. This can be a good thing.

Question 2

As for cognitive biases, the one that always gets me is anchoring biases. I’m sure this

happens to most of us… I recently purchased a used motorcycle at a motorcycle dealership.

I was there with a buddy because he needed to purchase new gloves for his motorcycle.

7/22/2020 Discussion Topic# 3 – BA-301-OL2: RSRCH & ANALYSIS BUS PROBLEMS (Summer 2020) 2/2

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Jokingly, he told me that I should get a bike and someday so we can go riding… Off to the

corner, I saw this 2008 Yamaha R6 that had a price tag of $7500. I was able to negotiate a

“good deal” with the sales rep and got the bike for $6200. A rule of thumb that all my

friends tell me is, what ever you get, what ever you do.. Don’t go searching for your bike to

see what offers are out there. Because I was so fixed and amazed of the beauty of the bike,

I failed to do research to see what was out there. I wanted that bike now. Offer-up and

craigslist had the same year, make and model of my bike for $2-3000 less! Lesson learned.

Be patient and do research. How ironic this is after watching the lecture video regarding

anchoring biases!



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