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APA – REVIEW Rubric 

1. – Blue Apron

Blue Apron provides healthy meals designed by chefs but prepared at home by the customer. Their food is fresh and comes directly from local farms. “By partnering with farmers to raise the highest-quality ingredients, by creating a distribution system that delivers ingredients at a better value and by investing in the things that matter most—our environment and our communities” (Blue Apron, LCC, 2020).

In the midst fo these troubling times, many companies are struggling to reopen.  Blue Apron has been fortunate to not only maintain but to increase in the market.

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people found it hard to shop for food.  After several months, some families continue to struggle to find healthy meals for their families. Blue Apron’s meal kits are delivered directly to your door. “Blue Apron Inc. says demand for its meal kits has soared, and it is taking s  teps to rise and meet the demand over the next couple of weeks” (Garcia, 2020)

The company will still forge through to hire new staff to meet the supply demands.  As the pandemic continues to increase in many areas, Blue Apron will have to monitor their partnership with local farmers.  As the demand for meal kits increases, the stock continues to go down. Blue Apron will have to carefully monitor food supply, staff, and the market for interruptions in productivity.

Blue Apron believes that online shoppers will become more dependent and comfortable with shopping for meals online.  By providing quality products and services, Blue Apron will continue to succeed.


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2.  Many department stores have been devastatingly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.  Department Stores like JCPenneys, when in most cases is an anchor store, have resolved to close large numbers of their facilities this year.  CNN Business reports that, “The company previously said it expects 200 of those closures will happen by the end of this summer, with the remaining 50 closing by next summer.”  (  The condition of the country’s retailers look grim.  Many are desiring to file bankruptcy but are holding off to prevent being met with long delays.   Another CNN Business reports called, “Some retailers are too broke to go bankrupt”, it states that, “With much of the United States still limiting nonessential businesses, and with shoppers nervous about visiting open stores, closing sales are much more difficult to hold.” (  Therefore, they are in a waiting pattern to close stores and run liquidation sales.  JCPenney is not closing completely it is using the time, as are many other stores, to reorganize and reinvent themselves.  With a greater number of people working, studying, caring for children or aging parents at home, JCPenney is looking to bring comfort to the home.  Recently, it launched a new bedding collection, Linden Street brand, in its home merchandise division.  JCPenney explains that, “We are excited to offer this new bedding collection as customers look to create a comfortable retreat with high-quality, inviting styles they can cherish for seasons to come.” (Entertainment Close-up) This may be their attempt to bring to customer some calm in a world of uncertainsies.


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