Write an effective resume and a persuasive cover letter in response to a job ad of your choosing. For resume, should choose something is current and professional. For this part, find a job ad for an entry- or mid-management level position that you may be targeting in a few months/years or upon graduation. You can find such jobs by browsing publicly available job sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. Choose a job ad for which you may be qualified to apply soon and create your 1-PAGE resume in response to that ad. Pay special attention to the key words (esp. referring to the required and preferred skills in the job ad) to see how well your experience, skills, and qualification match up against the desired candidate. Next, craft a cover letter to go with the resume. MAKE SURE YOU GOT ALL OF THIS  CHECKLIST OF THIS RESUME AND COVER LETTER REVIEW.


a. One page

b. Aligned text

c. Readable font size

d. Consistent font size/font formatting

e. Consistent margins (1”)

f. Clear organization (circle one:      chronological or skills-based)

g. Correct spelling

h. Accurate headings

i. Contact information

ii. Education

iii. Experience

iv. Activities

v. Skills

vi. References

i. Action verbs

j. Verb tense corresponds to time

k. Variety of verbs

l. No personal pronouns (“I,” “me,” or “my”)

m. Empirical, results-oriented numbers

n. DESIGN: aesthetically appealing


Standard format and layout; appropriately responsive to the job ad; effective organization (appropriate opening, middle, and closing); polished, formal language