Solve the following problems using theMSP430 IARCompiler/Assembler.

Develop a mixed-language program to perform the followingcalculations in assembly language subroutines:




Division (ratio + remainder)

The C portion of the program shoulddeclare the input and output variables, and confirm the results(i.e. compare with the equivalent results in C). For parts a,b, and c, your output variables should be of typelong (32 bits in size), input variables should be of typeint (16 bits in size). For part d all variablesshould be of type int. HINT: You will need to pass apointer when calculating part c, because only a single return valueis allowed.

Additional requirements:

– For the above problems that combine C and assembly, the inputdata should be declared in the C portion of the program.

– For the above problems that only use assembly language, theinput data should be stored in RAM.

– Code needed to test each problem should be included.