Solve the following problems using theMSP430 IAR Compiler/Assembler.  

Setup the MSP430 LaunchPad to use Timer A to toggle the red LEDeach time the timer counts to 50,000. You should be able to do thisusing:

A- An assembly language program that calls a subroutineto configure Timer to toggle the LED every 50,000cycles.

B- An assembly language program that sets up aninterrupt from Timer A every 50,000 cycles.

C- Repeat the above part B but this time develop a mixedlanguage program that calls the assembly language subroutines fromthe C language.

Additional requirements:

– For the above problems that combine C and assembly, the inputdata should be declared in the C portion of the program.

– For the above problems that only use assembly language, theinput data should be stored in RAM.

– Code needed to test each problem should be included.

Asked Jan. 17, 2018