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For this lab, the data you will be given will consist ofcoordinates for three points, p, q, and r, in R3. Then p willdenote the vector directed from p to q and pr will denote thevector directed from p to r. The vector-will be pq × , the crossproduct (vector product) of the two vectors. T will be the trianglein R3 whose vertices are p, q, and r. Instructions o Use Maple to:。Compute pg, pr, and- o Sketch these three vectors and the triangleT in one picture Hand in a printout of your work. In this printout:o Label all pages with your name and section number. Also, pleasestaple together all the pages you hand in. o Clean up yoursubmission by removing the instructions that had errors Include inthe work that you hand in: o A printout of all Maple instructionsyou have used. Identify clearly in your printout the components ofthe vectors pq, pr, and v. (These identifications can be insertedby hand on your printout.) o A printout of a picture of the threevectors and the triangle T. The picture should include labeled axesand should show the geometry of the situation well. Label thepoints p, q, and r in your picture. Label the vector v in yourpicture. Label the triangle T in your picture. (These labels can beinserted by hand on your printout.)