Solve each problem on this and every follow drillSolve each problem on this and every follow drill set using just one different equation from the block’s objectives sheet. I give one point for each correct equation and one more point units and any direction. You must show all your work to receive credit, including the numerical values of the metric prefixes when needed, e.g., substituting 4.43 muC as 4.43 times 10^-6 C in your solution. Please unless you write “HOLD” by your name, I assume I have your permission to place your drill sets and exam^on on top of the bookcase outside Merteena 308 when they have been corrected and recorded. For DIRECTION, choose only from these: right (rightarrow), (leftarrow), toward the top (uparrow). toward the bottom (downarrow), into the paper (), out of the paper (), UNDETERMINED (for a zero magnitude vector), or NONE (for a scalar). Find the force (in N) on a -4.43 muC point charge from an external electric field of 555 kN/C toward the top (uparrow). The electron and the proton are 52.9 pm apart in the plane of the paper. Find the electric dipole moment. Show transcribed image text