A solvent-recovery plant consists of a plate-columSeparationA solvent-recovery plant consists of a plate-column absorber and a plate-column stripper. Ninety percent of the benzene (B) in the gas stream is recovered in the absorption column. Concentration of benzene in the inlet gas is 0.06 mol B/mol B-free gas. The oil entering the top of the absorber contains 0.01 mol B/mol pure oil. In the leaving liquid, X = 0.19 mol B/mol pure oil. Operating temperature is 77 degree F(25 degree C). Open, superheated steam is used to strip benzene out of the benzene-rich oil at 110 degree C. Concentration of benzene in the oil = 0.19 and 0.01 (mole ratios) at inlet and outlet, respectively. Oil (pure)-to-steam (benzene-free) flow rate ratio = 2.0. Vapors are condensed, separated, and removed. MW oil = 200 MW benzene = 78 MW gas = 32 Draw block flow diagram of absorber/stripper configuration. The molar flow rate ratio of B-free oil to B-free gas in the absorber: The number of theoretical plates in the absorber Take a basis of V = 1 mol/h Benzene free gas entering. Show transcribed image text