can somebody help with the following program. im just trying toget started buy setting up the student class. can somebody help mecreating the student class explained in the instructions with Name,Address, Id number, Courses, and Date. and a bit confused on how tostart with going about creating the class the way it describes.

Write a Java program which will store, manipulate, and printstudent registration information.

As part of the solution, identify thefollowing classes:



The class Student must have thefollowing fields – Name, Address, Id number, Courses, and Date,where:

Name is a user defined class comprising of at minimum first nameand last name.

Address is a user defined class comprising of fields – street,city, state, and zip code.

Date is a predefined class in the java.util package

The field Courses is a set of no more than five (5) stringvalues representing the courses being registered for. Course namessupplied are assumed to be valid and contains no blank space, forinstance COP3337 is valid but not COP 3337.

Id number a string variable that uniquely identifies astudent.

The class Student must be capable ofadding courses and dropping courses

The class Admissions stores andmanipulates the student information (student record). Because thelist of students grows dynamically, it is best to use a dynamicdata structure such as the ArrayList to store the information. Thisclass should do the following, among other possible activities:

Add student to the list

Remove student from the list, which would first involve locatingthe record in order to remove it. In order to determine whichrecord to remove you must supply the Id number as the searchargument.

You are to provide a test class thatcoordinates the activities of the classes outlined above, by:

Creating student objects and adding them to the database of theAdmissions object

Manipulating student record by:

Adding a course(s)

Dropping a course(s)

Removing a student from the database

Displaying list of currently registered students

Displaying list of all students that were dropped from thecourse

Display the output in a scrollablepane, and must be formatted as follows:


Id number: 123456

Name:        Williams, John

Address:     2525 Hartsfield Road

Tallahassee, FL 33319

Date:         September 5, 2009

Courses:    COP3804, MATH2050, ENG3300





Id number: 567890

Name:        Roberts,Kay-Anne

Date:         September 5, 2009



Note: Use the class GetData providedto enter the data from the keyboard.

import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

class GetData


static double getDouble(String s)


return Double.parseDouble(getWord(s));


static int getInt(String s)




static String getWord(String s)


return JOptionPane.showInputDialog(s);



The method display shown below shows how to display informationin a scrollable pane. Listing 1.8 of text showshow the class GetData and the method display are implemented withina program.