Can someone trouble shoot the code and tell me what’s wrongand add comments to the code to what is going on. Can you rewritethe code to make it BETTER
media%2F053%2F053a0e45-c661-4cf8-8454-92100% ooooo T-Mobile LTE 11:52 AM char addBinary (char a, char b) int la strlen(a) int lb strlen(b) int lr la lb la lb; int carry 0; char res (char*)calloc (lr 2, sizeof(char)); la–; lb while (la 0 ll lb 0) int ba la 0 alla–] ‘0’ 0; int bb 1b 0 bLlb– 0′ 0 int br ba bb A carry; carry (ba & bb) (carry & (ba Abb); if (carry) return res 1; res[0] ‘l’; return res; Show transcribed image text