Sorry i am so confused right now, here what I need to build,

Visual Studio 2015, Write a C++ program that uses a function toshift an array and store the result in a separate array. The shiftoperation performed will be a left shift. Input arguments:

1. Array of Characters. This is the original array. This couldalso be a pointer to an array of characters.

2. Shifted array of Characters. This will store the shiftedversion of the original array. This could also be a pointer to anarray of characters.

3. Size of the array. 4. Number of shifts The function needs towork with arrays of any size (indicated by argument 3) and anynumber of shifts (indicated by argument

4). Make sure that your function can properly perform shiftsthat are greater than the size of the array.

The function needs to work with arrays of any size (indicated byargument 3) and any number of shifts (indicated by argument