special education identification processes parent presentation


Create a 12-15 slide digital presentation explaining processes related to identifying the need for special education services that could be placed on a district website for families to access.

Use the information obtained from your “Clinical Field Experience A” assignment, along with researched information and include the following in your presentation:

  • The district’s assessment process and timelines.
  • The purpose and parent rights related to the Prior Written Notice (PWN) document.
  • The purpose and parent rights related to the procedural safeguards.
  • The role and responsibilities of the special education teacher in the special education identification/assessment process.

As you create your presentation, focus on explaining to families what the legal responsibilities of the district are and how families will experience the teacher’s role in implementing those requirements.

Include a minimum of three credible references for your information. Include a title slide, a references slide, and presenter’s notes (that could be narrated on the district website display) within your presentation.

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