After spending some time on this new continent, you decided tomap the English language to the local tongue. As it turns out,there was a simple cipher that you could use to translate directly!To this end, you decided to help future explorers by designing aPython algorithm that would translate single words into the localequivalent.

The cipher operated as follows:

Each vowel (AEIOU) became the next vowel in order, so A->E,E->I, etc…U -> A

Each consonant (everything else) became the third next consonantin order, so B->F, C->G etc…

Your function should take in a word and then map eachcharacter to the proper local converted character and subsequentlyreturn the converted word. You must use the map operator in yourconversion.

Your code should work for both: capital letters and lower caseletters. The output should be in lower case letters.

Note: a word in this assignment is defined as a stringwith one or more alphabetic characters.  


1. You may want to create two lists: one for vowels, another onefor consonant letters.

2. method index() might be helpful: Link

3. Use % (mod operation) to wrap around the list.def cipher map (english word): IT T1 >>>cipher map (hello) lippu >>>cipher map (today) xuhec >>>cipher map (yesterday) CIWXivhec # YOUR CODE GOES HERE #

def cipher map (english word): IT T1 >>>cipher map (‘hello’) lippu” >>>cipher map (‘today) xuhec >>>cipher map (‘yesterday) CIWXivhec # YOUR CODE GOES HERE # Show transcribed image text