The following relations keep track of airline flightinformation:
Team(T_ID, name, stadium, city)
Player(P_ID, T_ID, name, DoB, start_year, shirt_no)
Match(M_ID, Host_T_ID, Guest_T_ID, Date, Final_results, stadium,R_ID)
Referee (R_ID,name, DoB, experience, salary)

By referring to the schema given above write SQL queries to answerthe following.
1. List T_ID and names of all teamscomes from the city ‘Knox’.

2. List all team names from ‘Knox’ whose main stadium is‘MCG’.

3. The following SQL query was developed to list details ofplayers from Knox city.
However, this query is incorrect. Rewrite the query to produce thecorrect result.

select player.name, player.P_ID
from player, team
where city = ‘’Knox’;

4. Find the names of host team players who played at MCG on20th May 2016

5. Find the team names and names of host team players from‘Knox’ city who played a
match at MCG on 20th May 2016.

6. Find the name of the main referee who was on duty on20th May 2016 at MCG stadium.

7. Find the highest amount paid to referees assalaries.