SQL Oracle Database 11g question:

Following the example in Lecture 4

Set echo on


Set up a spool file to receive your output for submission. Iwould suggest c:cs422awa4spool.txt .

DECLARE a record variable (Emp_rec) using %ROWTYPE

In the BEGIN block add a select statement to read a record intothe declared variable from HR.EMPLOYEES for an Employee_ID to bedetermined at run time

Add DBMS_OUTPUT lines to print DEPARTMENT, EMPLOYEE_ID,FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME, and SALARY for the selected record

Use a CASE statement to print the associated Department Name forDEPARTMENT_ID

Use TO_CHAR to format the salary as $999,999

Add a EXCEPTION block to report when no data is found

Compile and run the procedure for the Employee, 114

Close the spool file

Submit your spool output file (wa4spool.txt) to the forminside this folder.