You have been given $100,000 of virtual money in a Stock Trak account.  Create an approximately equally-weighted portfolio that contains stock from 11 companies from different Stock Trak sectors.  Note the number of shares you purchase and the date of purchase for the shares. When you finish upload a table that shows your company names, ticker symbols, their sectors, the price(s) at which you purchased shares, the date(s) purchased, the total investment in each company, and the percentage of the portfolio accounted for by each company.  Ignore any unused cash in your calculations. Look up recent (from 2017-2019) news  on each company and write a paragraph on something you believe is of interest and may affect the company’s future stock price.

The attached screenshot shows the Sector Analysis link in Stock Trak which will get you to the best place for selecting companies by sector. Within the large box to the right of the screenshot are the Sectors and subsectors.  The sector titles (11 of them) are contained in a gray bar.